Recent Reports and Publications

Much of the work undertaken by Insight Economics for governments and the private sector remains confidential to the client. Some reports are published by the client, however, and can be made available on our website. So far in 2011, the following reports have been released.

  • Building Essential Infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage

    Insight Economics was commissioned by the Global CCS Institute to respond to a discussion paper published by the UK Government on proposals for the regulation of CCS infrastructure. The UK paper was produced in the context of a directive from the European Union and its main focus was on regulating third party access to CO2 pipelines and storage sites. The attached report by Insight Economics argued that a lighter handed approach may be more appropriate, particularly when the industry is in its formative years.

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  • Building a Pulp Mill at Bell Bay

    Insight Economics, working with the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University, was commissioned by Gunns Limited to estimate the effects on the Tasmanian economy if the company's proposal to build a pulp mill at Bell; Bay, in the State's north-east, went ahead. Using economic modelling, the study demonstrated that the proposed $2.3 billion investment in the mill would have a major positive impact on the Tasmanian economy, with Gross State Product being nearly $10 billion higher to 2030 in net present value terms, and with over 3,000 additional jobs being created in the island State.

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