Strategy Development and Capability Assessment

Public and private sector organizations need to regularly review the appropriateness of the strategies they employ to achieve their objectives. Businesses need to define and develop their bases of sustainable competitive advantage. The source of these and the capabilities that underpin them may change as the markets in which they operate are impacted by new technologies, new business models and new entrants. Bill Mountford has many years experience assisting businesses review existing strategies as well as develop and implement new ones.

The industries involved have included agricultural sectors such as dairy and rice growing where government policies have had a major impact on these strategies as well as others less impacted by government policies such as travel, where he developed the turnaround strategy for Jetset Travel after Air New Zealand’s acquisition. Bill has also recently conducted strategy reviews for a number of philanthropic organisations, namely the Myer and Colonial Foundations. Public Sector and collective organisations, such as industry associations and collaborative research entities, also need to define their strategic intent in the light of new realities, including changes in government policy, and changes in the boundaries of public and private activities. As CEO of the Victorian WorkCover Authority between 2000 and 2003 Bill led a major turnaround in the organisation’s financial and operating performance.

All the Directors of Insight Economics have led Government Departments and research agencies and been members of the Boards of government export, investment and research organisations and have a deep understanding of the environments in which such organisations must operate.

The Directors have worked with a number of publicly funded agencies in research and service delivery fields to assist them to define their strategic positioning and needed capabilities.

Key consulting services include:

  • conducting stakeholder consultations to inform decisions on strategic positioning;
  • assisting Boards and CEOs to define and test strategic alternatives;
  • analysing the capability sets needed to meet the strategic directions; and
  • advising senior executives in large companies on their engagement strategies with government and how this may change their business strategy.