Industry Development Policy

The three Directors have had substantial experience in industry development policy, particularly with the manufacturing sector and the resources sector. Australian industries face a myriad of challenges in the global economy. Increasing pressure from rivals in rapidly developing countries such as China and India is being intensified as a result of the resources boom and the concomitant upward pressure on the Australian dollar. Many industries will also be affected by the response to climate change and the inevitable increase in energy prices. Insight Economics offers unparalleled policy and analytical capability for:

  • Analyses of industry sectors covering issues such as competitiveness, structural dynamics and linkages
  • International trade and Investment strategy
  • Industry policy development
  • Major industry program evaluation


Our Directors have a long track record in providing sound advice to governments, industry associations and to businesses. . For example, the automotive industry is one of the largest investors in business R&D in the Australian economy and has powerful inks with other industry sectors. It is increasingly seen as a vital part of Australia's emerging knowledge economy. The directors have strong relationships with the Australian automotive industry and possess a deep knowledge of its challenges and opportunities. We have an intimate understanding of the Commonwealth and State government programs that are designed to support the automotive industry. We have also worked with the leading car manufacturers, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries and the Federation of Automotive Parts Manufacturers and assisted the successful proponents of the Automotive Cooperative Research Centre.

Among the Directors David Charles in particular has specialised in providing advice on automotive industry issues. He is currently Chair of the Automotive Innovation Council. David has been involved in all the reviews of the industry in recent years. In 2008-09, while at Deloitte, David and Jon Stanford also undertook a major strategic review of the future prospects for the automotive industry in the Philippines.


In the resources sector, Jon Stanford has undertaken a number of assignments in the LNG industry. One example was a major project for the Western Australian government on the social, strategic and economic implications of locating the Gorgon project on Barrow Island. He has also undertaken two important projects on the uranium industry in Australia. Bill Mountford recently assisted BHP Billiton Iron Ore with the development of their Government relations strategy to underpin their ambitious capacity expansion in the Pilbara.

Trade and Investment

Jon has also worked extensively in the investment attraction area in recent years. This has included assisting a majority of the companies that received government support through the Howard government’s Strategic Investment Coordination program. More recently, Jon and David Charles have worked for Austrade on elements of their investment attraction strategy.

Bill Mountford led the NSW Ricegrowers successful defence of their ‘single desk’ export marketing arrangements as part of the COAG review process. He also led the review of the export function of the Australian Dairy Corporation for their board.